Are your backups really working? How can you protect your business against loss of data?

Don’t ASSUME it’s working


Your Data Backup System

We check your backups and store your backups off-site


There have been many painful stories about managers who were under the impression that their backups were working, and then one day they learn the hard way about the truth. One day there is an incident and management discovers they have no backups or that some data is missing from their backups.

What are the risks?

The traditional risks were hardware failure, building damage (lightning/fire/flood/theft/vandalism) and human error.

Ransomware, cybercrime/hacking – What is the impact on backup strategy?

The level of risk has increased greatly in recent years with the growing trend of cybercrime, hacking, encryption and ransomware.

It is more important than ever to have your backup off-site in a secure data centre.

If your business is held to ransom by criminals, your best protection by far, is to know you can restore your data from backup. Never give in to the criminals. You need to be 100% certain your data backups include 100% of your data and are working correctly.

We take backups seriously. Backups are our most important responsibility to our clients

Are you certain your backups are working? Are your backups taken off-site every day? We can conduct an independent test of your backups.

We can offer you a secure managed backup protection service (including off-site cloud storage). Your backups will be verified every day. We give you peace of mind and confidence that your data is safe every day.