About Us

Net2 is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and IT support company. Net2 and its parent company Communicat Business Solutions have been in continuous operation for over 20 years providing support to small to medium businesses .

The managed service sector has seen amazing growth in the past 4 years, as clients battle skills shortages and high cost of IT. Companies have been outsourcing their IT as it has become a more viable solution. Management of IT systems are no longer required to be hands on as most IT staff manage networks remotely or offsite.

Our passion has always been about helping businesses fulfil all their IT infrastructure requirements providing solutions and helping them with their day to day IT support. Technology is constantly developing and it’s difficult for in-house IT staff to keep up their skill set in these ever changing times. The demand for greater skilled IT staff is on the increase with businesses demanding IT requirements.

We pride ourselves on customer service and experienced consulting staff who live and breathe business every day. Our focus is to help businesses reach their goals by helping them overcome any issues that can arise when running a business or reaching their business goals.

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