FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers a range of frequently asked questions about the net2’s managed IT service. If you have any suggestions for questions that are not included here, please let us know by emailing us at sales@net2.com.au

1. What is a MSP (Managed Service Provider)?
A Managed Service Provider supplies businesses with information technology needs via the Internet. These needs are typically proactive network monitoring, network support, system optimisation and network security, but can also include other more new age technology services such as virtualisation and remote backups. A business will contract with a Managed Service Provider to fill certain needs in certain areas that are met more cost effectively by outsourcing than by purchasing and supporting equipment in-house. This sort of agreement makes good economic sense for both small and medium businesses, since MSP’s specialise in technologies that all businesses might not have the resources to support.

2. Why should I use this service over a traditional break fix or hourly consulting service?
Break-Fix consulting is reactive in nature and the long term costs can be expensive. A Managed Service Provider combines the best IT infrastructure management protocols with the highest level of customer service. We proactively monitor and manage the health of your network, solving problems before they have a chance to impact on your business – and do it on a very affordable fixed monthly cost.

3. I’m unconvinced that a Managed Service Provider can give me the support I need over the Internet.
Currently we are able to solve over 95% of all support requests over the Internet. We believe so strongly in the value of our service that we offer a month by month service so you are not locked into a 12 month contract. Put our methodology to the test and ask a consultant for more details.

4. We have a staff member that knows a bit about PC’s and has some IT knowledge. Why shouldn’t we just continue with that?
Through our years of experience we have found that many small businesses use a friend / accountant or part-time employee to try to manage their computer systems. However, these people end up being distracted from their real roles and often aren’t up to date with the latest technologies or solutions, move on to full time jobs, or are unavailable when you need them most, costing you lost productivity and bringing your business to a standstill, this alone ends up costing your business $$$$. Our IT Managed Service is an affordable solution that allows you to contact a qualified team of experts anytime during business hours or for mission critical clients we can offer potentially a 24 hour service.

5. What if I want somebody to come to my office instead of supporting me over the Internet or phone?
To be able to offer immediate response, we first try to solve all problems over the phone or remotely. If we are unable to solve the problem, we will send one of our technicians on-site note; there may be a charge depending on the plan you are on.

Net2 still supports onsite consulting if that’s preferrable but it will be at a discounted rate for clients on the net2 plan.

6. Why should I choose Net2 for Managed Services?
We offer a Comprehensive management solution, via secure online portal providing an immediate response. Our consultants have expertise at all levels who are microsoft certified engineers who resolve nearly all network incidents.

7. What hardware do you support?
We will support any hardware on a limited basis. By this we mean that we do not do hardware repairs. We will, however, diagnose hardware problems and work with the hardware manufacturer on your behalf in the case of warranty repairs. In the instance where the hardware is not under warranty, we will advise you with purchasing new hardware or having the hardware repaired by an Net2 partner.

8. How Does On Net2 Managed IT Service Work?
Net2 uses monitoring and management tools to keep watch on your computers and network while performing regularly scheduled and automated updates. Net2’s On Demand Service not only saves you time and money, but also protects your business from unforeseen network downtime and technology frustrations. Net2’s On Demand Service combines the experience of Net2’s highly trained technicians and advanced network monitoring tools that are otherwise unavailable to most small businesses.

9. Why did you develop Net2?
We developed Net2 to provide a more proactive service rather than reactive service. With Net2 we are able to provide a more effecient service with almost immediate response times. Net2 allows us to do more in less time providing businesses with enterprise type support.The small to medium size business community can now outsource their IT needs just like outsourcing payroll, or recruiting services.

10. We are considering our options but are unsure of which path to take. Can we just talk to you about opportunities?
Absolutely, Net2 will be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs, how we can help, and address your unique issues with no obligation.

11. How will Net2 help my business and employees perform better?
Most small business either don’t have reliable technology help or avoid using it for as long as possible because they feel like they are running up an expensive ‘tab’ anytime they want help.Net2 is a membership that will allow your employees to get the support and training they need, when they need it, for a flat fee. Knowing that they are not running up the “tab” will allow them to proactively get answers to the questions that are slowing their work performance each day, keeping your business from being dragged down by technology problems.

12. Our organisation has individuals with varying degrees of technology experience, how is Net2 equipped to handle this?
Net2 can most aptly be described as a “People business first and technology company second”. Net2 has assembled a technology team that is comprised of not only bright, but friendly technicians whose primary focus is customer service and issue resolution. When speaking with an Net2 technician, all questions are good questions.

13. What if my business already has an IT staff?
More than 30% of all businesses who partner with Net2 also employ part-time or full-time IT staff. By eliminating the necessity to work on low-level, repetitive, non-strategic tasks, Net2 Engineers free your staff to focus on long-term strategic technology objectives, such as:

  • Mission critical business applications.
  • Staff technical training.
  • Database development and management.
  • Application performance reporting.
  • Aligning IT goals with long-term vision of the management team.
  • Professional training and certifications.

14. How can you understand my business needs when everything is done remotely?
Our client advisers will regularly visit your place of business and report on your Net2 activities and discuss your business goals and objectives and how we can help you meet these objectives.