Hosted Microsoft Exchange in Australia

exchange2013Hosted Exchange Connectivity

Using Microsoft Exchange Server in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook, Mobile device, tablet or simply Outlook Web Access will provide the maximum efficiency and reliability of communication between your staff, suppliers and customers. The effective communication will lead to further co-ordination and organisation between staff in your office.

Microsoft Exchange Server is primarily an email server. Its major task is to send and receive emails, yet is has many more features that make it suited to become a key piece in your communication strategy. The benefits of having a Microsoft Exchange Server include:

  • Staff can access each other’s Calendars and Tasks. You can invite colleagues to meetings, check availability, reserve a conference room and more.
  • Using Exchange’s Public Folders, you can provide a general share point or personal storage location for messages.
  • Global Address Lists allow you to maintain a business-wide address book and email distribution lists, so everyone will have up-to-date contact details.
  • The latest version of Exchange server even allows access of all email over the Internet using a standard browser – or you can access your email over the Internet using your Outlook software.

Net2 staff will configure the server and desktops so that you will achieve better collaboration between staff in your business. If necessary, we will provide training for users who use the software.

Most businesses start life with an external POP3 or IMAP email system. The Internet is built around these common mailbox standards and they do their job well. Since these standards are reasonably old, they can sometimes have little to no security. You may be sending an encrypted password every time you check your mail. Most external POP3 or IMAP email services only require passwords without encryption because it is the lowest common denominator. Imagine how easy it is for someone to listen for passwords to your account. Would you want your business related emails spied on ?

Net2 staff will help you move all  your email address to our hosted solution. These affordable solutions will neutralise any eavesdropping issues, and supply you with effective control over Spam mail. You will also decrease communications bandwidth demand because staff will no longer access the Internet to check and download their emails

We offer this as a hosted solution, with infrastructure located at our Data Center. It is a comprehensive solution with multiple redundancy systems in place to keep your business running 24×7.

Out solution is billed on a monthly basis per mailbox. That means you have the flexibility to grow your business without worrying about infrastructure resources for email. Our hosted Microsoft Exchange solution is located in Australia (Melbourne)